What You NEED to know about Blog Traffic! Plus Free Awesome Content Checker!

blog traffic how to learn So I sent out a question asking a bunch of bloggers what their biggest struggle is as a blogger, is it promoting your posts? writing the content? the actual understanding of your website and designing it? Well over 70% of you said getting traffic to your blog was the hardest part! Social media promotion wasn’t far behind! So I thought if traffic is what you’re struggling with then let’s break it down together! Because WE GOT THIS! 

Traffic traffic traffic….the thing all bloggers want and yet so little receive! So why is it sooo hard to get traffic to your blog?! Well when you say it’s hard to generate traffic or views to your blog in my book that boils down to several things that lie behind the scenes that will affect your overall traffic:

  • Your content needs to be good for people to actually want to read it!

  • Blog post promotion needs to be relevant and strategic!

  • You need to promote to your Target Audience, not just any audience!

So let’s break this down together!

1. Your content needs to be good for people to actually want to read it!

Okay so you’ve just published a brand new blog post! Yay! You can’t wait to share it with everyone! So you do, you share it a ton of places and yet no one is viewing it?
A common pitfall it that you share a post that you think is great (And it could damn well be the best piece you’ve ever written!) and yet, it literally has no relevance to anyone. The title isn’t grabbing anyone’s attention and the content itself doesn’t help your reader at all. It’s important to remember that yes your blog is for you to share whatever it is you want to blog about, but if traffic is something you’re hoping for then you can’t just blog for yourself, you have to make your blog posts for your reader too whilst writing about what you love! 

Here’s an example, say you’re a travel blogger and you just spent the best week in Hawaii ever! Compare the two blog titles:
My incredible week in Hawaii!‘ Or ‘My Top 5 Things to do in Hawaii!

Which would you be more likely to read?
Remember: The people who are finding your post are probably those who have literally searched for ‘Things to do in Hawaii’. So if I was that person then the latter title would entice me much more to read your post! Presenting your information in a way that will actually benefit your readers will gain a lot more interest than simply putting the information out there in any manner!

If you need more info on making your content AWESOME! Here’s my Awesome Content Checker!

2. Blog post promotion needs to be relevant and strategic!

Nothing bugs me more than a ‘follow for follow‘ or ‘like for like‘ post on Facebook. For several reasons:

  1. These people are not your ‘ideal audience’, they may boost your page views but the success is temporary. Also if someone follows to just unfollow 24hours later then this actually affects your blog negatively meaning your content is less likely to be seen.
  2. This does not provide you with engaged fans of your work. Traffic is nothing if you don’t have any engagement, that’s why you need to be searching for the RIGHT kind of traffic.
  3. If this is the only way you can get likes or followers then you really need to rethink what you’re writing about and how you’re promoting yourself, harsh but hey!

So how can you actually relevantly promote yourself AND with a strategy in mind!
Well this does take a lot of practice! Not going to lie, for ages I neglected probably one of the biggest platforms I really shouldn’t have….Pinterest! It is definitely one of the hardest platforms to grow on at the beginning because there is soo much content already on there, however perseverance is key and definitely worth it!

Facebook is a great way to get your content out there and get some feedback but you are constantly trying to find your ideal audience and sharing can become repetitive with little results whereas on Pinterest your Ideal audience is pretty much trying to find you! It does take time to build followers, but updating your boards regularly (or using an app to do it for you) and joining collab boards really helps! (You can join my collaborative board here! Simply leave a comment on one of my pins and I’ll add you in!)

When sharing your content online make sure to include a reason WHY people should be interested in reading your post. Posting a link just simply isn’t enough! Even write a well thought out promotional status with the link to your new blog post and copy and paste that and share it in several different groups or pages or with people specifically! You don’t need to waste time writing a detailed promotional post over and over again but of course depending where you are sharing it you may need to change it up slightly!

So how can you be strategic in your promotional posts?

This of course takes some pre-planning! A good way to entice your readers into sticking around and excited to see what you have to offer next is by literally telling them what is next to come! I love when someone shares a post and tells me ‘if you enjoyed this then just wait until next week where I’ll share with you my top 10 reasons why I love to blog!’ (Random example but you get my drift right?) I’m now clocking this blogger to make sure I keep an eye out for their post next week, or I’ll follow them because I already know I’m interested in the other posts they have to offer! This takes planning on the bloggers part because you can’t share your next blog title if you haven’t even thought of it yet! This also works well when you’re creating an online product to sell or in the process of creating an awesome freebie, by dropping hints and teasers in your promotional posts you’ll gain the interest of your readers who can’t wait to get their hands on your product when you finally release it!

Being strategic ensures that you as a blogger are organised and stops you from just throwing out whatever content you think of on the day! Instead your posts are well thought out, they’re exactly what your ideal reader want, and you can consistently deliver top class content!

3. You need to promote to your Target Audience, not just any audience!

So you’re sharing your awesome content and you know it’s awesome because you’ve used this Awesome Content Checklist! and you know you’re sharing your posts with detailed descriptions and enticing teasers for future content/freebies and yet hang on a minute…still no traffic?

Here’s another pitfall, are you sharing your awesome posts in the right place? I’m always seeing bloggers posting in Facebook blogging groups which are more or less designed for bloggers to get advice on blogging etc. But if you’re a parenting blogger, blogging groups are not your ideal audience! Yes you will get a good few views from sharing on there but not huge numbers if that’s what you’re looking for! Go find a parenting group, get involved and share your content with them if you feel it would genuinely help them!

No matter what your ideal reader is go find them, where do they hangout online? What apps are they more likely to use? How can I effectively reach these people and show them I have the answers they need? Putting a whole load of effort into your blog and sharing it to the wrong kind of people will not equal a great return for your efforts! So be strategic!

Top tip: If you can’t find a place where your ideal audience hangs out, create that place! You can create a Facebook page or group, joining together a small gathering of people and get a interactive community going! However don’t make it your prime focus just to share your posts because that can be annoying and spammy so aim to actually create an environment where people are engaged with one another and as a bonus you have the potential to share your relevant content to people you know will be interested!

Phew, we did it!

So how do you feel about traffic now? Maybe you’ve identified somewhere you can improve to increase your chances of more viewers, if so great! Let me know if this information was helpful in the comments!

Hold on there a minute!

I have another question to ask you guys! Are you wanting to increase your traffic because you feel that’s the only way you can earn money from your blog? Well if so, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be like that? I have a whole post dedicated to how you can start earning money online Here! And guess what? You could have zilch followers and you could still make money! No, it’s not get a ‘get rich quick scheme’ it does take effort of course! But it does mean you don’t have to rely on 100,000 views in order to get $10 from adverts on your page, which sucks right?

Remember your number of views isn’t everything, if you’re creating quality content consistently you will see an increase, whether it’s slow or fast everyone’s success story is different! So go make yours!

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6 ways to Stop Wasting Money

Do you find yourself looking down into an empty wallet whilst trying to pay for groceries wondering how could you have run out of money for the week…again?? Well then you’re in luck because today I’m going to give you a few ideas on how you can stop wasting money so you have the cash there for the important things!  and hey you could even end up never having to look at an empty purse ever again! So let’s begin! 

  1. Set Goals: Get out a good ole fashioned notebook and pen and jot down financial goals you have for yourself. Saving for a new car? Saving up for an emergency fund? Once you have clear goals set in place and a system in order to reach those goals I.e. Saving €20 a week for 4months then all of a sudden you understand the worth of €20. Instead of paying for a dominoes mega deal with cookies (lush btw) you could buy a cheaper frozen pizza and that’s your €20 saved for that week.
  2. Meal Plan: Yes I’m at it again. Meal planning is by far thee most dramatic change you’ll see in your spending if you put it into practice. Forever I had loaves of bread go out of date, that I hadn’t even opened yet. I’ve found the best way to not let food go mouldy is simply planning ahead and knowing that you WILL use it. If you know your menu for the week ahead then you don’t even have to think about what you need to buy at the shops, you have a specific list on hand and that will help you avoid buying food that ultimately you don’t need and will end up being wasted.
  3. Ice Ice Baby: In addition to meal planning, I also like to plan how much I am going to cook. Sometimes if I’m going to be making a stew or soup or anything I know can be easily frozen I’ll purposefully buy enough so I can eat half and freeze the other half of the meal. It means next week I have one less day to worry about! My next big spend will hopefully be on a bigger freezer, that way I can try going pro with freezer meals (there are some amazing Pinterest posts on learning how to cook in bulk and live off freezer meals for up to whole a month!).
  4. Cable TV: Now this one would be a lot easier for me to commit to if Impractical Jokers wasn’t on TV (It’s a monday night tradition). Other than that I could very easily give up cable TV, and eventually one of these days I’ll convince my husband. There are other great alternatives out there like Netflix (I literally watched the whole of season 6 PLL in two days, I’m a real binge watcher). You could be saving up to €1000 a year depending how much you pay for your cable monthly and also you’ll be watching less TV and focussing on using your time doing something probably more productive so it’s a win win!
  5. Gym Memberships: Now this really depends on personal situation. If you use the gym like more than twice a week then yes a gym probably is worth the money you’re paying for it. If you go once a week or more like once a month, is spending up to nearly €100 a month really worth it? Well the answer is no, it isn’t worth it. You don’t need fancy tech machines to be able to exercise, and if you’re only going once a week you’re probably not even really making the most of the expensive heavy weight machines. Buy a bicycle instead, or go jogging, walk up mountains, walk the dog, do home yoga with YouTube videos. It’s easy to exercise without a gym, in fact it’s very easy. So if you’re wasting money on a gym membership, go cancel it…like now…I wasted €90 for two months gym membership (I went once….and that was the day I signed up #neveragain).
  6. Haircuts: Now I know hairdressers need to make a living but seriously €50 to give me a trim? eh no. Hairdressing is a skill and I’m not saying don’t get your hair cut, all I’m saying is that if you get your hair cut like every three months like you’re apparently supposed to then that money really adds up fast. So why not use groupon to find half price haircuts or there’s always students who need to practice and may even be doing them for free. In between cuts try to keep your hair healthy and condition the ends well to avoid really bad split ends, you could see your amount of visits to the hairdressers decreasing by just doing some basic good hair care.

Now there’s 6 simple ways to cut back on wasted money! But by far the best way to stop wasting money is by tracking it. Learn where all your money is going to! A tenner here and there really adds up so take control and make the most of what you have. If you want to be at peace with your income you have to learn how to live within your means and be content with that! 

Hopefully these tips have given you a few ideas to think about and also all you budgeting enthusiasts if you want to hear more tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way then you can Subscribe Here! You’ll be updated when a new blog post is out so you’ll be the first to take a sneak peak and also a few more surprises will be coming along you way for you special dedicated followers! 

Happy Budgeting! 


5 Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging and going nowhere sucks, right? Of course it does! You put in all this hard work and still you aren’t getting noticed. Well maybe it’s time to change the strategy a bit. Here’s just a few tips on blogging from what I’ve learnt so far.

  1. Are you Blogging for money? Let’s get this one out of the way, YES there are Bloggers out there who make a full time income Blogging. Did this happen because they began their Blog purely to make money? 99% of the time: No. Those Bloggers who are able to share their $12,000 income report more than likely began years ago, built up followers along the way and THEN began to focus on the money making side of things. Another point to note is that most Bloggers making money from Blogging do so because they create products or provide services that can help other bloggers or help those people in their target audience. Providing these kind of products is what makes most of the money, not from getting paid from adverts, which only really works if you have a HUGE audience! Most bloggers actually care about what they are selling online, its not a ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme, a lot of time and effort goes into blogging, as I’m sure you’re aware of. Do you post because you want to make money? or because you’re passionate about something and have meaningful and relevant content to discuss? Hopefully it’s the latter, but if you’re finding it tough to think of posts that will actually make your blog more relevant then try thinking about your audience. What lessons are you trying to teach people? What have YOU got that can help others? What lessons have you learnt in your life that you can share with others? If your primary goal is to help others in some way then that’s where success starts. 
  2. Believe in your talent. Of course a lot of us feel like we need the approval of others to feel like we are successful. To a degree yes that’s correct, your success as a blogger is if people actually read your posts. But don’t just think of it as numbers, if 10 people view a post, heck that’s an actual 10 people who you’ve reached out to! If you’ve reached 1,000 or even 10,000 just remember those are all individuals who appreciated your blog and your hard work. You don’t need confirmation to be able to write about your life lessons or the tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way. If you keep a blog personal then you’re always going to be able to offer fresh useful content.
  3. Great content doesn’t equal great stats. I know, what’s the point with all the hard work then? Well don’t get discouraged just yet. If you’re pouring your heart and soul into the most beautifully crafted blog posts and yet once again you’ve have next to no shares, comments, heck even views… don’t panic, that doesn’t mean your blog sucks. Great content + Great Promoting = Great Stats. I’ve read before that your blog post should take 30% of the time and the other 70% should be promoting it. My schedule is only one post a week, meaning I have the rest of the week to create my new blog post and promote the previous one, meaning that a lot more promoting and networking happens than actual blog post creating. Go crazy, try Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. There’s loads of social media sites to share your blog to and make the most of it! If you are doing reviews (and it’s a positive one) send it to the people who you’re reviewing. Everybody loves free advertising, they could share your review so they get a boost in sales while you could get a good boost in your post! Don’t get too overwhelmed by trying to share your post everywhere, it’s a lot of hard work, trust me I know! But you’ll get the hang of when and where to post and soon enough it’ll be like second nature. If you’ve found a platform that particularly works for you then dig deep! Master it as best you can and only use other social media sites as a side project. Focussing your effort on one platform can yield a lot more results than being pulled in 12 different social media directions trying to keep a half hearted presence on all of them all the time.
  4. Good images are a must. Everything is about aesthetics these days. If something looks good, it must be good. Why write a spectacular post and then have no pictures to draw the eye in, or why upload a grainy image that is as aesthetically pleasing as a radiator? People love to see things that appeal to them. If you haven’t got a great camera and are trying to use your phone for the most part of your images then all hope is not lost. A good picture needs to be in focus, good lighting and obviously good subject matter (what you’re actually taking a picture of). So if you’re using your phone camera then at least wait until the lighting is good (natural light, please) and be sure to focus the image properly. After that, it’s hard to go wrong. Want more tips on creating your own professional blog images (cheaply)? Then click here! Plus receive a whole bunch of Free Stock Images created by yours truly!
  5. Be true to yourself. So if you start hitting it big and companies want you to promote their products for money. What do you do? Jump at every opportunity? But what if it’s a product you don’t like or doesn’t even work very well? Obviously we all need money but is it worth possibly losing the respect of some of your followers because you blindly support a product that you have no faith in? People get tired of sponsored posts that are bottom line desperate. If you do get offers to promote a brand or product make sure it’s one you can honestly stand behind and support. Stay true to yourself and your values and stay in line with what fits in with the brand you’ve built up for yourself. Your brand is essentially your online presence, Don’t damage it!

So there you are 5 Top Tips for Blogging Beginners! But What if you can’t think of anything to blog about? Help is at hand! Yes, there are loads and loads of blogs out there so it can be hard to keep your posts new and exciting, but now there are even blog posts about what to blog about! If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s two links to some great blogs with very helpful prompts to get your blogging on a roll! A girl obsessed- 50 Blog Ideas + Prompts and The College Prepster- 50 Ideas for Blog Posts.

Now this is only 5 blogging tips, and of course there are countless more! Just keep doing what your doing, every blog success story is different, so go and make yours!

Let me know some of your blogging tips in the comments below! You can also check out 5 Blogging Mistakes you could be making!

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