How to Start Earning Money from your Blog in 6 Simple Steps!

IMG_1533Working out how you’re going to earn money blogging is a pretty obvious dilemma right? Of course not everyone is mad about making money from their blog, heck some people don’t even really care about the views, it’s more of a personal outlet for themselves…

But wouldn’t it be pretty cool to get paid for something you love doing? You bet that’s a heck yeah!

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Now how many of you guys are blogging your life away and you’re feeling a bit down because you put all his hard work into it and yet you’re nowhere closer to making you blog a side hustle never mind full time income? I’d say it’s a lot of bloggers out there. So you’re not alone, in fact only about 10% of bloggers make big money from blogging, 20% earn nothing and then there’s a 70% in-between stage of bloggers who earn a moderate amount of money. So where are you? The 20% who earn nothing from their blog? In the 70% but are still not earning at the level you’d like to be?

Well blogging isn’t easy, that’s no surprise! But there’s a reason why only a small percent actually make it big time from blogging. The bottom line is, if you want to make money from your blog, your blog has to have purpose, a meaning, some sort of solution for your readers.  Many blogs simply don’t have this, remember a blog doesn’t make money, a business does! So are you ready to switch your blog into a business? 

So How do I Earn Money?

One of the easiest ways to start earning from your blog is quite frankly selling something! A lot of blogs may get around $10 a month from ads or affiliate links and that’s fine but wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if you had your own product to promote? Even if only one person bought  your product it in a month, that could be a $10 profit depending on how much it’s priced. Ads and Affiliate links are difficult to earn money from especially at the start of blogging that’s why many get frustrated. Remember though this doesn’t mean your blog isn’t good or the quality of your content is great, it’s just that people simply aren’t clicking links or ads on your site.

When you’re new to blogging it’s hard to gain an audience (am I right or am I right?) and what normally puts people off are adverts and affiliate links. Yes they can be done in a clever way on your site so they don’t look like clutter many blogs do this successfully, but for me it’s not worth the effort, I’d rather give my readers an easy experience on my blog so they want to keep coming back! On the money side of things its difficult too, you have to rely a lot on heavy traffic to increase the chances of someone clicking on any ads or links, and as a newbie blogger, heavy traffic is something that you probably don’t have yet (if you do, share your secret!)

Soooo Creating your own Online Product might not sound so bad now? Does it?

Yes it does mean you’d be putting a lot of work in at the start but you’d still be getting paid for that product months down the line, so don’t freak out, it’s not scary! And in a moment I’m going to give you a run down on a the potential steps you can take to get you ready to sell your first online product! I’m yet to  come across a simple guideline of what to do and when and how to do it without an overload of information about business funnels, SEO and a get rich quick promise. No I’m not saying this will make you rich in a matter of weeks, it could but it’s unlikely, business takes time especially a good business!

So here is simplified list of steps you could take to begin creating a professional looking blog/website, creating your first online product and making your first sale! There are a ton of other things you can research online about how to create an automated blog funnel etc, but I find this scares away people from beginning to create their first product online. Nobody expects you to know everything at the start! You WILL learn as you go along but for now here are:

6 Steps to Start Earning Money from your Blog! 

1.Perfect your Website!

For even just a couple of months, forget about making money and simply increase the standard of your blog. It’d be a dream to start earning money without having to spend any but your website is the tool you use to gain trust with your viewers and potential customers/clients.Here’s three things I would spend money on once I know I’m going to be selling an online product:

  • Make sure you own your Domain Name and your site is Self Hosted. Very important for having Google and other company’s to take your website seriously.
  • Paying for a high quality theme or getting a website designer to perfect the interface of your site and the design can save you a lot of time too! Sometimes DIY isn’t the way to go, hence why people have jobs in these areas.
  • Establishing a high quality Brand is also very important! You can learn more about Branding Here! It’s so important to be consistent on your blog because that’s another way you build trust with your potential customers!

These are a few things I would definitely spend money on before I would even think about trying to sell anything on my site, what’s the point if no one trusts me as a blogger or believes in the product that I’m selling, it would inevitably be a waste of time. However once you Do start earning money recycle that money back into your blog and you’ll see even bigger results! 

2. Content!

Focus on gaining enough content so you can blog maybe once a week or every two weeks and the rest of your time you can spend creating your online product. I.e. Cut back on the amount of posts you’re publishing and instead save up some pre-written posts so you can use those while you focus on creating your online product to sell! Having content that is good quality and consistent builds trust, so even when you’re busy creating your product you can still be publishing your blog posts on time and to a high standard! (Don’t let the standard of your blog drop!)

3. Create a freebie!

A lot of people skip past this, however your readers are greedy! I don’t mean to sound bad but they want something from your blog, they won’t stick around unless there is something in it for them, so give them that! Creating a high quality freebie that make people go ‘What?? They’re giving this away for free?!’ Is exactly what you want! The higher quality the freebie the more your reader and potential client will trust you and be more likely to buy from you, considering they love love love the freebie you just gave them! Getting an email in exchange for a freebie is a big deal so if you can incorporate that into your freebie then you’re on to a winner! A super special email subscriber is an even more likely client one day!

4. Create your Online Product!

Here’s a link to a list of over 20 potential online products you could sell online! Remember to:

  1. Make it high quality! Make your readers and buyers want to come back for more!
  2. Make it something you are knowledgeable about!
  3. Make it a Solution for your ideal reader (people love products that will help them do something more efficiently or solve a problem)
  4. Price it right! Charge what you feel the actual value of your product is. Selling for less in hope for more sales can work at the start especially if it’s your first product but don’t undersell yourself either, if you’re creating a high quality product then people will pay for that! don’t worry about sounding too pushy or annoying, limit yourself to a certain amount of promotional posts a day but ultimately if you know your product is going to help someone then there’s no shame!

5. Create blog posts and subscriber emails that promote your product!

Now it’s time to get people hyped for your product! Send you special subscribers (who signed up because of your awesome freebie!) emails letting them know you have an exciting product you can’t wait to share with them! Give your readers a teaser of what they can expect from your product in a blog post or a short email course! Get creative! You can even host a giveaway for your new product and get your readers to share for a chance to win it!


Release your product and promote it! Don’t be afraid to promote your product if you know it is high quality and works! You’re sharing something that can actually help people so there is no shame in that! Try to get feedback from customers/clients and put this feedback into practice when you go and create your next product!

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So when can you start?

The beauty of creating your own online product is that you can start at any time. If you’re knowledgeable about something or even willing to get knowledgeable about something then with a lot of hard work you can create your own product and start selling whenever you like! Don’t think this is limited to creating products about something blogging related, if you are a DIY Arts and Craft Blogger you can create an online video course to teach people how to do crafty things (because you have established yourself as a pro and people want to learn from you!). If you specialise in Travel you could create a detailed info product about the must see attractions in Thailand or wherever it is you’ve visited. The Key is creating something that is better than the information people can try to go and find for free. If you can create a product that is super easy to understand, helpful and contains everything they need in one lovely bundle then you’ve created something amazing which you can promote as better than free information they could take ages finding somewhere else!

Even more encouraging is that you don’t need a whole load of page views or followers to do this. All you need is a good quality product that anyone who visits you page could potentially buy from you. Whether you have 10 views a month or 10,000 makes no difference, more page views basically means more of a chance that someone will buy from you. Don’t set your goal too high at the start, it does take practice to perfect your product and promote it well, consistency is key so don’t give up!

During the 6 steps it’s pretty inevitable that you’ll get an Increase in views to your blog and at least a good few new subscribers. Why? Well if you have properly branded your site then it will look pretty professional and because you’ve created a high quality freebie you’ll immediately get interest! Heck when I see ‘Free Templates!’ I’m already on the site..because who doesn’t want a freebie?

Side note: Don’t slack on promoting your blog throughout the process. How will people see all the hard work you’re putting into your blog if you’re not sharing it with anyone? Posting on Facebook for example “check out my blog here at” doesn’t interest me. Try a post more like “Hi guys I’m soo excited to share with you my new post to help you learn all about *example* plus I’m giving away a free *example* linked in my blog to help you *example* Hope you guys enjoy it!” In one short sentence I can see what your blog will help me achieve, a freebie to get me interested and a reason why I’d even want the freebie! I love seeing bloggers put effort into their Facebook posts and even tweets because it shows me they care! A blogger who cares and is genuinely excited to share their post with me as a potential reader makes me 10x more likely to go onto their page! So promote you post with that in mind and you can’t go wrong!

If you’re still apprehensive…

If you’re still nervous about making an investment before you start making money then why not create a whole load of prewritten content to publish, your freebie, your actual product and even come up with promotional ideas for your blog. Once you have all of that finished you can then simply invest into your self hosted website, your branding, and then focus purely on promoting whilst your product and next months worth of content is already created! This means in a short amount of time after investing you’re more certain of a faster return!

So tell me, How do you plan to start earning from your blog? What kind of Online Product are you thinking about creating? What’s the hardest part about creating a product like this? Let me know in the comments! Also Interested in more information like this and a whole load of FREE Stock Images for your blog? Well you can sign up here!

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