Five Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Have you reached a point in your business where you are looking to expand? Or, perhaps you are in the beginning stages of a brand new business venture and are trying to do all. the. things.

Maybe you’ve thought about hiring an assistant, but the overhead expenses are too high and you don’t have the space to accommodate an actual physical person.

Enter the mysterious realm of Virtual Assistants.

What is a Virtual Assistant? What do they do? How do they help my business?

A Virtual Assistant is someone who basically provides you with assistance. This can be in a wide range of different areas, such as email management, invoicing, data entry, website design, and content creation (this list is never-ending). Some virtual assistants specialize in one or two areas, others provide general assistance depending on the client’s needs.

But are they really going to help your business? We definitely think so. You may be barely keeping up with all the things you need to do in your business or maybe you haven’t even had time to get to the things you actually want to be focusing on. There is a range of benefits to hiring a Virtual Assistant.

1. Your weak points can become your strengths

There are always going to be tasks that you just don’t like doing. You might find them tedious, time-consuming, and just plain boring. Other tasks you just might not be very good at. There’s not enough time in the day to be excellent at everything. You can still strive for excellence in your business! Not only can you delegate these tedious tasks out to a virtual assistant but handing them over to someone else who has had plenty of experience in that area can actually turn it into something that your business can really excel at.

For example, you may put off the customer service aspect of your business because you simply don’t enjoy doing it. Delegate that task to a virtual assistant and your business could find that customer service is one of its strong points.

2. Peace of Mind

Have you found yourself writing emails such as these recently? ‘Sorry, I’m only seeing this now‘ or ‘Sorry this is so late‘. With a VA you won’t have to worry about inbox overwhelm anymore. Emails will get responded to on time, drafts will become fully polished posts in hours instead of days or weeks. You can finally have that beautiful Instagram feed you’ve always dreamt of. Content is on brand and scheduled to go out without you having to stress. This is the kind of peace of mind you can get with a VA.

3. You’re Not Alone

Do you feel like every decision is down to you? or that you don’t have someone to run your ideas by? When you hire a VA, you’re not just getting help for the tasks you need to be completed right away but you’re also investing in a business partner. When you collaborate with a VA you’re gaining not only their help but you are also gaining their expertise, opinions, and suggestions. This is someone who is on your side to help your business succeed and as a bonus you also get to work with some great people!

4. Organized Business

Are some tasks falling through the cracks? Or maybe that invoice wasn’t sent out on time, or the important client call fell through because they weren’t sent a reminder. These types of administrative tasks can be tough to keep on top of and very repetitive. Virtual assistants however tend to all have one thing in common; a love for organizing. These tasks can be taken care of and systemized so no more important emails or meetings are missed.

You may have signed up for that brand new CRM system but haven’t gotten round to getting it set up. You might know that an intake form would be incredibly useful for you but you haven’t had the chance to make one. These types of systems don’t come about by chance but a VA can help you get all your systems in place to help streamline your business and keep the customer flow going.

5. More Time

You know that your time is precious. You’ve set up a business so you can help people, so you can provide them with a service or sell them a product that will benefit them. Instead, you’re stuck doing administrative tasks that don’t allow you to fully focus on the growth of your business. The amount of money you could earn in an hour could be drastically cut down because of these repetitive tasks.

What could you do with an extra 5 hours a week? an extra 10 hours a week? You could finally take that holiday you’ve been meaning to go on with the whole family. Date nights could become a regular thing. You could have some ‘me time’ again so you can rest and recharge. Outsourcing areas of your business could drastically change how you spend your days, weeks, and months.

Is this type of service exactly what you’ve been looking for? You know you need to outsource parts of your business and a Virtual Assistant could be a perfect fit. A physical employee has several hidden costs, not to mention having to provide space, a desk, and a computer. In comparison, a virtual assistant gets paid for the hours they actually work, and for the tasks they complete without any other cost to you. A virtual assistant can charge anything from a couple of dollars overseas up to premium rates for specialist services. The average price you can expect would be around $25-$40/hour. Some virtual assistants charge per project or charge monthly for a specific service such as Pinterest Management or customer service.

If you’re interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant there are plenty of ways to find one, some companies hire VAs out to clients or some are freelance like myself and my husband.

If you’re ready to streamline your business and take the leap of hiring a new teammate then you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

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