The first rule of Gelato Club…

Indigo Coffee and Gelato had its 2nd Gelato Club night January 29th, and let me tell you, you’re gonna want to be in this club. They take the word originality to a whole new level with Rhubarb Sorbet, Maple Gelato with Bacon flavoured Crumble on top, or if you’re even more adventurous: Avacado Gelato with a dash of Tobasco sauce. Although if you’re more of a ‘safe side’ kind of person they also had their timeless fior de latte Gelato and the humble honeycomb.

Maple and Bacon Gelato, Raspberry and Chocolate Pavalova, Creme Egg

Showcasing Workshop Coffee’s Kivu Belt the night was a success. Club members enjoyed well crafted flatties that boasted Blood Orange acidity with a complimenting sweet Toffee flavour. The coffee shop also sells retail bags of Workshops Kasigwa and Miko blends, perfect for home brewing enthusiasts.

 The following morning consisted of snow and Gelato hangovers. We all know the cure though: More Gelato.

If you’re interested in being a Gelato Club Member then visit their site to get the latest news, and keep a watch out for the next Gelato Night.

What kind of Gelato or Sorbet would you want to try? Leave a comment Below!


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